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Regardless of whether you are excited about some fun in the snow, or you are simply looking to survive the freezing cold winter, it is crucial that you make sure that you are well bundled up. Scarves are one accessory that so many people consider to be more for fashion than for warmth or function. Although scarves do have the ability to bring some life to an otherwise dull outfit, scarves are also a key part of any outfit designed to keep you warm.

Scarves Allow You to Protect Yourself from the Brisk Cold Winter Air
Think about it, the neck is often exposed to the fidged cold air regardless of whether or not you have a jacket on or not. Now, we all know that jackets provide some coverage, however, it can be quietly uncomfortable with the zipper done all the way up since jacket collars are often stiff and thick. When you wear a scarf, you can protect the neck with ease and comfort. You can also protect your nose and ears-spots where a jacket collar does not reach.

Scarves Allow You to Create a Warm Air Pocket Close to Your Face, Keeping Your Nice and Toasty
Another reason that scarves are such an important accessory is that when you inhale the icy cold air your lungs are exposed to the brisk air. If you have not had to experience the icy burn of bitter winter wind on your lungs, do everything that you can to keep it that way. And how can you do that, you ask? By wearing a scarf! By wearing a scarf is around your mouth, it creates a form of insulation and a pocket of warm air. This pocket can help to lower the sting that you feel when you breathe in the harsh winter air, therefore cutting down on any pain or discomfort.

Wearing a Scarf can Protect You from the Vicious Cold Virus
But it isn’t just your comfort that scarves protect, actually, according to a study that was published in 2015, the cold virus thrives in the nose especially when it is in a colder temperature for an extended period of times. The study also suggested that if the nose is kept warm with a scarf, the less likely it is that the cold air will be directly inhaled. In other words, wearing a scarf could actually increase your chances of fighting off a cold virus.

While for many people, wearing a scarf is simply a way make a fashion statement, or to keep up with the latest trend. Scarves actually offer so much more to those who wear them. Because of their role in contemporary fashion, and all of the functionality that they offer, there are a wide array of styles for consumers to choose from. Thus, allowing people to get the most – a fashion accessory and a boost to their health and immune system – by wearing whichever style they determine to be right for them.