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We’ve all come across the endless lists of wardrobe-essentials. Often times, we ask ourselves, “do we all really need a little black dress?” Sure, it looks great on some people, but what if we like a little more colour in our wardrobe? You want to have staples that you will be confident in, and will accentuate your body type.

Below we list 10 key pieces and why you need them in your wardrobe

  • Black Pants

    We all love leggings. They are comfortable and quick, but they are also very casual. A pair of black pants will be great to have for work, or when you’re going out with friends and want to look put together. You can pair them with a nice pair of flats for a more casual look or dress them up with heels for a night on the town. 

  • White Tee

    Whether it’s a crew neck or a v-neck, a good quality white shirt is a key for your wardrobe. This is a great layering piece and can be worn throughout the seasons. Whether you want to wear it with your jeans or tuck it into a pencil skirt, the options are endless.

  • Your Own Version of an LBD

    A little black dress was meant to be the dress you can grab for any occasion from weddings to the business presentation. The great thing about it is that it is iconic and adaptable. Having a dress with those qualities in any colour will ensure that you are ready for anything. 

  • Sneakers

    Having a great pair of sneakers can elevate your closet. The days of only wearing your sneakers for workouts or casual Fridays are gone. Now, in less conservative offices, you can wear your suit with sneakers or with a jumpsuit.

  • A Signature Piece

    Whether it is a faux fur coat or a bright coloured bag, a statement piece says something about you. Finding your statement piece doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t feel pressured to find it as you’re re-organizing your closet. 

  • Pumps

    A classic pair of pumps will never fail you. They are great for work, and you can throw them with your personalized LBD for a night out. 

  • Flats

    If you aren’t a fan of heels, flats will be a great alternative for you. They look fantastic and can take you from a board meeting to a grocery run. 

  • Ankle Boots

    Ankle boots look great with everything from jeans to party dresses. You can never go wrong finishing your outfit off with some ankle boots. 

  • Leather Jacket

    A leather jacket acts as a great transitional piece. 

  • Dark Wash Jeans

    Dark wash denim is perfect for dressing up or down in any season. The style and cut should be suited for your body type.

The key to having a great wardrobe is to have versatile pieces. Being able to mix and match your clothes allows you to get the most use of them while being environmentally conscious. It’s ultimately a win for you and the environment. For all of your wardrobe needs, come into the best designer consignment store in Toronto today!