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Figuring out what to wear for specific occasions is already a hassle. That’s why it’s really important to be aware of what fabrics you have to choose from and what their main function is. If you’re somebody that is really concerned with making your own clothing, look no further than this guide to the different materials you have at your disposal. We’re going to go through the most commonly used fabrics.


The softness and breathability of cotton are the two primary reasons for why it’s such a sought after fabric in the clothing industry. If you live in a cold place or it’s cold outside, cotton is often the best material to utilize specifically for these basic needs. Cotton is not an ideal material as it pertains to athletic-wear because of the discomfort it can lead to. If cared for the right way, cotton will soften over time.


The best option for something that’s stretchable and doesn’t wrinkle easily is probably polyester. In fact, polyester is in most articles of clothing in some capacity. It’s one of the tougher fabrics, making it ideal for work clothes and school uniforms.


A fresh new face in the fabric world, tri-blends, are half polyester, a quarter rayon and a quarter spun cotton. Keep in mind that tri-blends are more expensive than cotton, but it’s safe to say you get the bang for your buck, due to the fact that it is extra soft and moisture-wicking.


When it’s cold, fleece is usually the best you can get. It’s moisture-wicking and provides warmth comparable to wool. Today, the most common type of fleece is polyester fleece, which is frequently used in hiking and outdoor clothing. If you want to screen print on the fleece, be prepared to empty out your wallet. A lot of ink is required and simpler designs are recommended.


Popular due to its stretchiness and lightweight feel, the jersey is used most for undergarments, leisurewear, sportswear and sometimes even dressier clothing. It’s ideal for traveling and is very good with hot water. It’s not delicate, unlike silk.


Knits are more flexible than most fabrics. It can be found in socks, scarves, hats, and mittens. Knit came about in 1916 when Coco Chanel introduced it and it’s been a staple in the fashion industry ever since.


Due to the process of creating rayon, it can often imitate the feel of natural fabrics like linen, cotton, silk, or fine wool. It’s the perfect material for women’s clothing, especially tops and dresses. It’s used in stockings and is more durable, so it’s a good fabric for workwear.


Spandex is primarily seen in leggings because of how stretchy the material is. It’s also used in underwear, athletic wear, hosiery, dance clothes, and in clothing that’s often seen in night clubs. Due to the stretchiness of the material, it’s also ideal in swimwear and bras. If you have any questions regarding fabrics and their purposes, you can come to visit Extoggery on 10 Brentcliffe Rd, East York or you can call us at (416)-696-6700.