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Have you begun to notice the bright, beautiful fabrics you purchased are starting to fade? Although, over time, it’s common for clothing to lose its definition and colour, there are steps you can take to avoid this from happening. At Extoggery, we want to help your gorgeous pieces remain at the highest quality.

Here’s our guide to the four simple ways to keep your clothes from fading.

Wash Darks Together

When it comes down to laundry day, it may seem quick and convenient to wash all of your clothes together. However, this will cost you in the long run. Sorting clothes out prior to washing allows you to review the care label and place each article of clothing in the correct pile. If you wash whites and darks together, there’s a higher chance of the dye from the darker clothing to seep into the lighter coloured clothes. A brand new article of clothing is even more prone to leaking their dye and fading.

Turn Clothes Inside Out

Everyday wear and tear that happens to clothing is common, but it’s still important to prevent it as much as possible. Turn your clothing inside out before washing and drying them. Washing and drying can be rough on the exterior of your clothing while in the cycle. Pilling from the washing can also cause fabrics to look dull, which you’d much rather have on the interior of your clothing that is not seen. When hanging clothes outside in the sun to dry, turn each piece inside and out also. As effective as the sun is for drying, it can take the substance and colour right out of your clothing. 

Read The Labels

The care labels attached to your clothing are there to help guide you! Taking the time to read how your clothes are supposed to be washed and dried can save you a lot of headaches. Some care labels recommend you to wash the item only by hand, or to hang dry. While other labels may inform you to wash in cold water only to stop from fading.

Don’t Overfill the Machine

Maybe you’ve missed the last few laundry days, but filling the washer with all of your clothing isn’t the answer. This can reduce the quality of your wash and how effectively your clothing gets clean. The laundry machine also has to work much harder to do its job, which makes it tougher on clothing. Add a water softener to the wash with powder detergent to help counteract the chemicals and remedy fading.

Now that you have tips on how to keep your clothes from fading, picking up a brand new item from Extoggery can help you test them out. Our designer consignment store in Toronto offers a variety of luxury, high-quality designer labels for you to choose from. With 77 years of service, Extoggery is passionate about helping our beloved customers find designer pieces for an affordable price. Come stop by our consignment store today or give us a call to learn more!