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The Best Winter Fashion Tips

Winter is taking hold and that means we’re looking at colder temperatures and snowfall, and with all of that comes new fashion opportunities! It IS possible to still look good while being all bundled up for the cold, and here are some of the best tips to do it!

Perfect your layering skills

Layering is one of the most popular ways to dress in the wintertime, and for good reason! Layering lets you dress for the cold weather while making it easy to look good. Layering is great because it lets you mesh two or more different fashion items together in creative and unique ways. If you become a pro at layering, you’ll be looking at all kinds of awesome ways to strut your stuff in the wintertime.

Put your boots in the spotlight

Of all the winter fashion items out there, boots have got to be among the most fun to tinker with. A great pair of boots is the best way to make a real fashion statement once the snow starts to fall, and the best part is that they will not only look great but will also give you the right weather-appropriate footwear every time.

Belt your coats

If you have a winter coat that has seen a few years of use, but you’re still not ready to give up on it yet, you should consider breathing some new life into it by fitting it with a belt. Clinching a fashionable belt around your waist is a great way to turn your old coat into a fresh piece of winter clothing. You can change things up even further by swapping the belt for a different one now and then to keep up a consistently fresh look.

Embrace the luxury of fur

Fur, and of course faux fur, are some of the best things about winter fashion, and that’s because no other time of the year will allow you to wear them. Winter is the time to have fun with fur, and it can instantly upgrade any outfit of yours. Wear a fur coat, a fur hat, or a fur vest and you’ll have heads turning as you stroll down any street.

Experiment with scarves

Another fashion item that really shines in the wintertime is the scarf. Winter is the time to start experimenting with scarves of different lengths, colours, patterns, and designs. There are a ton of options when it comes to scarf shopping so get out there and find the scarf that’s best for you!