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Winter is finally letting us loose of her icy clutches and the sun is making a welcome appearance to warm up the land everywhere!  As you shed your heavy coats, put away your boots, and pack away those cozy toques and mitts, you might be wondering what colours are hitting the runway this spring and how you can incorporate them into accessories to freshen up this season’s wardrobe.

One thing that shows up time and again for the upcoming season is patterns; many of them are garden-inspired, whether it’s leaves, willow branches, or a dress covered head to toe in an explosion of dahlia petals.  Stripes also make a statement, since they can be a range of colours from soft and feminine to a staggering assortment of neon.  Summarized into two words; think bold!  There’s no subtlety here; stepping out in full spring regalia means people will sit up and take notice.  You’ll be swapping your toque for beautiful spring hats, which have hit runways on the larger end of the scale, while purses seem to have reached almost impossibly miniature proportions.  Chain straps are popular, and patterned handbags made to look like alligator skin are popping up more and more.  You’ll also see a continuation of those adorable purse accessories in feathery pom poms and the cutest arrangement of animal faces.

We’ve broken down the palettes for this spring into 3 easy to access categories: Pale, blossom inspired hues, a warmer medium toned hue, and a more dramatic, deeper hue.  Starting with the dreamy, pale, pastel-like hues, you’ll find gorgeous salmon, this time with coral undertones.  Orchid is another stunner, in hues ranging from calming lavender to a more sit-up-and-take-notice purple.  You’ll also see a range of blues, starting with a gorgeous new take on soft bluebell.  Buttermilk is the choice for those seeking a neutrality; white feels stark against this pretty creamy colour.

If you’re not a pastel girl, the mid-range hues might be a better fit for you.  Teal continues to make its way down the runway, to the delight of those who fell fast for this eye-popping colour.  Copper has also continued into this season albeit, the shade has evolved somewhat; making one think of rich chili powder.  Tuck your fits-all-events black handbag or shoes into the back of your closet this season and make the switch to another powerful catch-all colour like teal or copper.

If a more dramatic colour palette is your cup of tea, you’ll find your accessories in a shade of olive so dark it borders on black.  You might also think about dressing up your spring closet with a gorgeous pair of maroon pumps or earrings.

Look for chunky necklaces this spring, and the continued trend of multiple bracelets, this time in a variety of contrasting hues instead of complementary colours.  Earrings take a back seat this season, so look for studs in your favorite colors of spring 2017.