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Summer of 2017 is showing some major shake-ups in men’s fashion. In case you missed the fashion shows this spring, or are already a decade behind (we won’t judge), here’s all you need to know about this year’s sizzling summer trends. Starting from head to toe:


Few can stand the blazingly bright summer sun without a pair of smart shades. Big lenses are in this year, with either sharp-angled shapes or circles. Retro style sunglasses are still popular, though designers are putting a new futuristic twist on the time-honored half-frame look. It’s all good news for fellas with grandpa’s old tortoiseshell shades lying around.



If you’re looking to brave a breezy night out, bomber jackets and technical parkas are the choice outerwear for 2017. In fact, sportsman style saw a huge revival this year across the board. Sleek long cut coats, some as low as the knee, are popping up all over. Knits are big news as well, especially the trend towards sleeves that reach past the wrist and over the knuckles. Raincoats got some new looks too, which is good news for those of us who see more showers than sun this time of year.



Retro call-backs carry over to shirts this year as well. Big hits are large and richly deep-coloured 70s inspired button-ups as well as more minimalistic 90s era tees and polos. Light wash denim and monochrome prints also hit big marks. If you aren’t looking to sweat it out in darker hues, pastels are still a major player with any style.



After decades of trousers being trimmed closer and closer to second-skin, designers are finally letting loose. Relaxed styles are sweeping across all categories, especially ankle-cut jeans and even high-waisted trousers. Note we said “relaxed” not “baggy”, so keep the underpants out of sight gentlemen.

If you’re in the mood to show more skin, monochrome or jean shorts made a surprising comeback too. Some designers even pushed hems higher, showing off more hairy man-legs than we’ve seen since 1976. (We’re not saying you should be that brave, but you do you.)


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Outdoorsy types will be happy to find their hiking and fishing gear is now considered fashionable. This includes the hiking boots and walking sandals that stomped down the runway during fashion week. If you’re not a sportsman, the good news is punk rock is also super in style this year. That means those plaid loafers or metal-spiked sneakers you have laying in the closet finally get to hit the pavement again. Fold-down convertible loafers are also on the rise.


If you’re looking for a smart suit for these summer nights, the good news is the trend for looser, more relaxed fits has carried over to this category as well. Colours are nice and light too, with pink and stone tan becoming big crowd pleasers yet again. White and powder blue are also trending, as well as eclectic patterns and wide stripes. Accent the look with a pair of retro sunglasses and comfy slip-ons for a chic yet casual vibe.