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Simplicity and minimalism were the most prominent themes this year. Over-the-top shades and bags weren’t widely seen in use. Tons of leather with a few variations in fabric and patterns were in style. The tones were mainly sombre and soft so if you are an admirer of everything simpler, this season belongs to you! We have listed the top trends that are being witnessed in both runway shows and coffee shops during the summer of 2018.

Triangular Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are traditionally designed in a rounded shape; however, this year, triangle hobo bags are the fashionable and comfortable choice. The materials and colours, such as plain neutral and crocodile skin texture, spell out classy like never before.

Fur Bags

Summer may not be the season to wear fur, but having it on your handbag is a huge exception. Bags at some designer stores have a certain degree of fur elements and give quite a contrast to top trends in summer clothing.

Saddle Bags

These small round purses were mainly seen in bright coloured leather, accompanied with intricate silver and gold chain handles. Saddlebags made up for a lavish choice at casual occasions and also came in snakeskin designs.

Pillow Bags

The sight of cozy pillow bags, alone, is a comforting experience. The bags are widely designed with plush materials in bright solid colours. The pillow-shaped accessory, also sold with feather elements, make up a perfect choice for classy evening events.

Charm Bags

If you are someone who has a hard time selecting or wearing jewellery, charm bags are here to add great bling to your outfits. The handles of this accessory bag are covered in charms and give an appearance of bracelets when carried.

Cross-Body Bags

Small cross-body bags are an excellent choice for going out at night when you need a bag big enough to hold your money, mobile device and lipstick, however, small enough to not bounce around when you are dancing the night away. The solid colours of the bag are bound to suit all types of outfits, while they glittery cross-body bags are a perfect choice to add some sparkle to your outfit.

Patchy Bags

Chic leather clutches and handbags covered with patchy artwork light up many eyes with a sense of adventure. This interesting accessory is perfect for social events and travelling.

Miniature Duffle Bags

A duffle bag is undoubtedly one of the most convenient bags. After all, its sturdy gender-neutral structure can hold many items. These new trend witnesses small and simple leather duffle bags in a variety of solid colours and vibrant designs.


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