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There have been a large range of styles and trends that hit the model runways to showcase the season’s fashion. One recurring trend is plaid. Plaid was shown in a variety of ways from jackets and scarfs to shirts and pants and more. Plaid is a very warm and versatile piece because of the myriad of patterns that come with it, making it easy to look effortlessly chic without much effort. The best thing about plaid is that it can be incorporated into many styles and trends. Here are some of the ways to fashion plaid for this fall.

  • Blazers

This works great with solids but can also look chic if mixed with graphic prints like stripes and animal print.

  • Dresses

Plaid dresses are usually loose, and can be shapeless, but this can be styled with a crop jacket or solid block sweater to define your waist without interrupting the line of your outfit.

  • Pants

You can be very creative with plaid pants, whether it is a minimal two tone look or a full on tartan look. Pair it with a classic solid colour sweater for an easy, comfortable look.

  • Sweaters

Plaid sweaters, whether they are a pullover or a cardigan, look especially cozy. This style is great over skinny jeans, or over shorts and miniskirts in the warm weather transition from summer to fall.

  • Matching Sets

Wearing a matching set can easily become too overpowering, but with plaid, you can make it more subtle by putting together two different patterns of plaid with the same colour combination.

  • Coats

When it’s really cold outside, the only part of your outfit that people will see is your coat, so make it a staple in a nice plaid pattern and you’ll look effortlessly stylish in no time.

  • T-Shirts

This is a great alternative to the regular button-down plaid shirt. Make sure that the neckline and the cuffs on the sleeve are nicely finished for an added texture. You can mix this with woven fabrics and extra thick knits.

  • Skirts

A plaid skirt, especially a pencil skirt or a small body con can add a hint of coziness to an overall prim look, especially when paired with a thick sweater or a dress shirt.

  • Accessories

Plaid is such a classic and chic pattern that it can look good on mainly everything. This includes shoes, sunglasses, scarves, bags etc. Make that a staple looks in your outfit and you’re set for cozy fall attire.

  • Layers

For that in-between transition from summer to fall, you don’t want to opt for heavy flannel right away. You can do a mix of lightweight and sheer fabrics that highlight plaid’s subtler patterns. This is a good way to prep your fall wardrobe without getting too hot at the same time.

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