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If you’re looking to purge or freshen up your closet this year, a consignment clothing store can be a benefit to you as both a seller and a buyer. When you sell your men’s clothes or women’s clothing in a consignment shop, the shop is taking on the responsibility of selling your item to the public (usually for a predetermined time) for a fee or a percentage of the sale. In some shops, if the item doesn’t sell you take it home again and owe nothing. In other shops, you’ll pay a small fee for their time and energy. This benefits you in several ways; first and foremost, you can drop your clothes off and don’t have to deal with the hassle of making the sale. You don’t have to clear the space or put in the time for a garage sale or take pictures and post them on social media. It’s just a drop and waits. The shop will have a good idea of what sells for what price range and will know how to price your items accordingly. The downside to this type of sale is that you won’t have full control over the sale price and since you have to give some money to the shop, you don’t get to keep all the proceeds. Your items may also not sell as quickly as if they were sold on a post on social media or a weekend garage sale.

Designer Consignment Shop Toronto

If you’re looking to freshen up your closet, a consignment shop can be a great place to find good quality used items cheap! They probably won’t be quite as cheap as, for example, the Salvation Army. However, the items are typically displayed just like any other clothing store so you won’t have to dig through piles to find the things you want. Usually, consignment shop stocks only clothing that is in superb shape, so you’re not likely to get a nasty surprise when you get home and discover a hole or tear in the shirt you fell in love with. Some shops only stock name-brand apparel, so if that’s important to you then you’ll want to hunt this type down. If you’re a parent, consignment shops can be a dream! You know how fast kids can outgrow or tire of items, so a consignment shop can be your ticket to making money from the things you’ve brought in and a way to save money when replenishing junior’s closet.

Our attitudes about clothing are, in general, incredibly wasteful compared to what they were only a few decades ago. It used to be that clothes lasted not just a season, but (usually patched, hemmed and altered) through several bodies and until they simply couldn’t be worn anymore. Landfills are the recipients of millions of items of clothing, and most of it are serviceable items that could certainly have seen a new life in another closet. Savvy shoppers with an eye towards environmental responsibility will know the value of a good consignment shop in their neighborhood!