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Living in Toronto means we have the added challenge of dressing stylishly while also keeping warm during the frigid winter months. But, it does not have to be difficult balancing pretty with practical. Not dressing warmly can ruin your day quickly. Here are some winter fashion tips that will make it easy to look stylish and keep you warm at the same time.


The number one rule to dress for cold weather is to dress in layers. That does not necessarily mean multiple garments will keep you warmer than one, but layers let you adjust to various temperatures. You should start with a thin, wicking layer like polyester, silk, or nylon to keep moisture off your skin. Cotton tends to leave your skin clammy, wet, and cold – especially if you have an active day. Next, layer with a fleece or wool top that will keep you warm and dry. Your last layer should be wind and water-resistant. Make sure your layers are not too tight since loose clothing insulates better than fitted clothes.

Play With Textures and Proportions

Balance out a bulky, warm coat with slimming leggings for a streamlined look. You could also reverse this look by wearing chunky, insulating boots paired with a tailored jacket. A coat that is fitted and falls just above the knee will keep you cozy and give you a flattering silhouette. Just remember to mix bulky pieces with fitted ones and rough textures with smooth, and your outfit should look interesting and put together.

Choose Warm Cuts and Colours

With the ’90s back in style, consider incorporating some of its warmer cuts of garments. Turtlenecks are in this season and the perfect way to look chic and keep warm. Be sure to opt for a fitted one so that it does not look too bulky. While winter is a popular time for dark shades and black on black outfits, a pop of colour can be refreshing. Pick pieces made from warm fabrics that are bright to freshen up your look. You should also invest in luxury fabrics like wool and cashmere. These materials cost more, but they are light and warm, making them a winter wardrobe staple.


Hats, scarves, and gloves not only dress up a winter outfit, but they can also make you feel so much warmer. Most of the heat from your body escapes through your head, which is why a hat can make such a difference. Beanies with fur pom poms are everywhere right now because they keep your ears warm and complete a winter look. A blanket scarf can add interest to a plain coat and be used when your inside to stay warm as well. Mittens are easy to keep in your coat pocket and will make all the difference when you are out doing errands. There are even gloves with unique fingerprints that let you navigate your touchscreen phone with ease while wearing them.

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