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When it comes to spring fashion, there is always an air of wonder and anticipation that comes with the new season. The spring season is a chance for designers to bring new life and looks into the fashion world. With such a drab and dry winter season, it seems as though fashion designers are looking to make spring a much happier season. This means a push to creating a sense of fun and playfulness. Fun and playfulness means expect to see plenty of bright colors and playful tones this season.

If you are looking to update your wardrobe for the new season then you want to begin looking for some brighter, lighter colours. Look for strong, vibrant pastels to help provide you with an ethereal look. Or change it around and go for nuanced colors such as lavenders or pinks to highlight your femininity and create a chic look.

One of the highlights of the season is going to be lavender. Lavender is a very versatile colour, able to create a look that can go from elegant to romantic depending on how you wear it. Pair it with a suit or with bold pieces to create a look of elegance. Wear light garments that will billow to have a mysterious look that will help to create a fantastical look that will create an air of mystique.

Primary colours are still in, allowing for bold looks that are sure to make a statement. Liven up after a dreadful winter and bring in the power of color by choosing a strong, bold primary color. This season is all about bringing back good emotions and feelings through the use of strong emotional colors.

The runways were full of callbacks and odes to 1980s fashion with some of the top designers bringing back classic looks and styles. Puff sleeved jackets, high-waisted jeans and big prints are all coming back in style this season. If you’re looking for a shot at bringing vintage styles back, check out old looks to find inspiration. The 80s were a time of being proud of who you are and making a statement about it. With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana, the runways are full of designers making tributes to her and her elegant style.

Pastels are going to be your go-to colors if you are just trying to get a grasp on this season’s styles. No matter what your outfit look is, pastels are the way to go this season. The delicate look of pastels can create a look that is both pretty and powerful. One shouldered dresses can be used to create a power statement. Lilac is looking to be one of the major colors this season so picking up a handbag or accessory now can be a great way to get ready for the season.

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