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Colour and style go hand in hand, as one of them will deeply affect how the other is perceived during events, emotional states and everyday life. The colours you choose to wear say a lot about both your style and personality, so it’s important that you nail down the best combinations when it comes to your outfits. Here is your ultimate colour matching guide for men’s outfits.

Khaki and Green
It’s no secret that military colour schemes heavily influence menswear, especially when it comes to khaki and green clothing. This is one of the best colour combinations for men, as the camouflage like appearance gives off an outdoorsy vibe while still looking put together.

Burgundy and Brown
Deep burgundy reds paired alongside a light, warm-toned brown will make you look like a scholar without much effort. This rich combination will create a classic look that screams fashion.

Black and White
A classic colour combo among the fashion world, you can never go wrong with wearing black and white. The high contrasting colours create an elegant and clean appearance.

Grey and Black
An underutilized colour combination, black and grey together create a softer contrast when compared to black and white outfits. This produces a more casual appearance that’s easier on the eyes, especially on a daily basis.

Grey and Pink
Edgy yet sensitive, this colour combination can say a lot about you. The muted grey paired with a pale or pastel pink can create an unexpected and classic outfit.

Wearing Orange
Orange has always been a difficult colour to pull off, but we’ve found a way to make the bold colour work for you. As oranges demand attention, look for a rustic orange and pair it with a few neutrals.

Wearing Yellow
If you want to try adding hints of yellow to your everyday look, then lean towards mustard shades as opposed to bright or neon yellows. Paired with neutral colours, you’ll have a fun outfit that doesn’t drown out your personality.

Combos to Avoid

Green and Orange
This is another colour combination to skip out on altogether. The neutrality of the green paired with the loudness of the orange doesn’t go hand in hand for an everyday look. Green can’t be dulled down by other colours like traditional neutrals can.

Brown and Black
While these might seem like great neutrals to pair with one another, black and brown together can give too much of a vintage, pauper appeal that isn’t easy to pull off.

Purple and Yellow
There’s an easy answer for why you shouldn’t pair purple and yellow together: they don’t pair well together. No matter the shades of yellow and purple you choose, yellows always end up looking too bright against purple.

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