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It is no surprise that the kind of colours you wear speaks volumes about your choice and taste in fashion. But did you know that colours also give a lot of information about your personality? Whether you like it or not, your choice of dress colour and colour combination altogether is likely to influence the impression that others make of you in their minds. Even leading psychologists have confirmed the fact that the colours of your attire can give a glimpse of your true personality. So although you may not want to be unnatural, it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about making the right impression with a right colour palette for your dress, especially when you want to dress to impress.

Choosing Black outfit – style statement
There was a time when black had a certain negative connotation. Today it has evolved in a style statement. Psychologists say that black makes people take you seriously. It is perceived by others as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence. This is why many people who wear black are perceived as ambitious, purposeful and sensitive. It is a great colour to showcase a balanced but stylish and dominant personality say leading psychologists. Of course, when you want to add an element of style you can always add a bold colour accessory to tone down a stern and unicolour look. There is a reason why LBD has never gone out of style! When nothing else works, you can simply rely on Black for all the confidence you need.

Brown – the earthy vibe
It is an unusual colour and not really a favourite among many, browns look great on some skin tones and can be flattering. Because so few people wear all brown attire, it looks unique and chic. Psychologists claim that browns are associated with the elements of earth – think conservative, respectful and peaceful. It denotes a stable and balanced personality with just the right combination of intelligence and rationale. So next time you have to appear for an interview and you want a distinct style and colour, choose brown for your clothing.

Blue is for boys – or not!
Blue is for boys! Or that’s how it used to be, although most of us were raised to believe so, you may be surprised that blue if one of the most popular and preferred colours among masses. There are two main reasons for this. First, because it is a just gorgeous colour, considering the distinct shades it has and secondly because it suits all skin colours, body types and cultures. Psychologically, blue is perceived as a colour of confidence and reliability. This is a big reason why many business suits are blue in colour. Blue is a shade preferred by people who are kind, sympathetic and courteous.

Red is for love
Red stands for passion and power. It is a warm colour palette proven to have a captivating power. According to research conducted by the University of Rochester, “Red draws attention in any environment, especially from men.” Red is a perfect colour for a casual occasion or a date, when you want to give out an outgoing and friendly vibe. Many psychologists recommend avoiding red in professional situations.

It is interesting to know how colours can shape the perception others form about you. But more than colours, your style and outfit can also make you stand out in a crowd. If high-fashion and class is your style, no matter which colour you prefer, you are likely to find something that fits your choice at Extoggery – a premium designer consignment store in Toronto. Call us today to find out more.