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Handbags are some of the most practical and used accessories in our closets. They hold and shield our everyday essentials while also completing our look. With so many options and price points to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what handbags are deserving of being in your closet. Here is a guide to the different types of bags you should own.

Leather Satchel
One of the most essential handbags, it has a medium to large top handle so that it can hold almost anything you would need like a book or tablet. Choose one in a neutral colour like dark brown or black so that stains and scuffs will not be as noticeable. You will use this bag quite a bit so it will get worn in quickly. Steer clear of types that are adorned with too much hardware or logos as it can make your bag look dated.

Day Clutch
If you can deal with cutting things out of your bag, then the day clutch can be a cute and light option. Try picking one with multiple pockets so you can use the most of what little space you have in there. These bags come in so many different styles that you can play around with colours and materials you usually wouldn’t pick.

Crossbody Purse
A favourite, this bag gives you the freedom to fully use your hands while you are out and about. It also helps that it looks much chicer than a backpack and has a sturdy shape. Pick a medium-sized one as small ones are not as functional, and large ones can be hard to carry around.

Evening Clutch
Most of us need an evening clutch at some point, so don’t wait until the night before a big event to find one. A simple metallic or black satin clutch is your most versatile options. This bag should be as seasonal as possible so that you can use it for any event and hold onto it for years to come.

Straw Basket
This bag can be your go-to during the warmer months and act as a carry-all while also being a little more playful than your other bags. Jane Birkin, the style icon of the ’70s, made it iconic before Hermès honoured her with their signature Birkin bag.

Medium Shoulder Bag
Shoulder bags can look both sophisticated and sleek as well as sport – perfect for daily use on the go. Textured suede or rich leather make it look luxe and are ideal materials for fall and winter, but a canvas fabric is perfect for spring or summer.

Chic Tote
One of the most practical bags you can get is a tote bag. It is ideal for carrying around anything you would need such as your makeup bag, wallet and laptop. They are handy for when you are headed out the door in a rush and need something to throw everything into without resorting to a grocery bag.

Casual Day Bag
You can use this bag to store all of your day-to-day items while also showing off your style. There are plenty of options to choose from like a sporty messenger or a slouchy hobo bag.

Coloured Bag
While black does go with everything, it can get a bit dull. Give yourself the option to change up your look with a pop of colour. Pick a shade that is opposite to the colours you usually wear to create contrast or in the same colour group. A red bag, for example, looks striking with dark blue jeans or a bright yellow top. You can also use a coloured bag to break up a neutral-toned outfit.

Iconic Bag
No one needs a designer bag but everyone should invest in one anyway. Many high-end brands hold their value years afterwards and can suite several outfits and occasions, making them a practical choice as well.

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