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Summer 2018 has brought new fashion trends for girls of all ages. Update your wardrobe with these sizzling styles.


This summer, ultraviolet is everywhere. As the UV rays pierce down, bring out your shades to reflect the colour on your outfits. That’s right! The unique new colour goes official in 2018. Thankfully, there is no one shade for all. Sift through all the hues in the colour palette from pastel lavender to deep violet. The colour shines brightly on pantsuits, summery dresses and all over the runways.

State of Art

Art has walked from the easels and drawing boards straight to the ramps in the summer of 2018. Art embraces outfits in the form of graphic images, cartoons and every other style you can think of. Check it out on Warhol-inspired pieces at Versace and Prada’s colourful collection.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe is fun again! Prepare to go overboard this time. Fringe has gone from simple to bold, ultra-glam drama. Fringe rules the runways at Calvin Klein, Loewe and Dior this time. You will find it dancing before you on skirts, tops, even on bags.

Flower Power

The cool floral print of the 60’s has grown back in 2018 on dresses. It’s retro, refreshing and rejuvenating at the same time.

Retro Workout Gear

Retro is not just on dresses this year. Inspired by the 80’s and 90’s, retro is seen in the new workout wear that Rihanna has been sporting lately. Retro exercise outfits have also made a comeback at the fashion houses. Gucci, Tod’s and Louis Vuitton are flaunting the collection for gym fashion. So drop your dreary, outdated gym gear. 2018 is about a new you in every way.

Save Plastic for Rainy Days

When the rain pours down on you, bring out your plastic outerwear. They are trendy and ultra cool, shiny and see-through. Calvin Klein, Valentino and Chanel are all taking plastic see-through raincoats to another level of fashion in 2018. Don’t stay in. Step out to turn heads instead. Chanel’s collection will want to make you try out PVC accessories too. What fun!

Dark Denim

Is denim ever out of style? Not as long as you have a ramp to pull it into the spotlight in different ways. Revamp your wardrobe with these new styles. Dark wash denim in jeans to dresses and two-piece sets are the order of the day.

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