Extoggery is an upscale consignment store specializing in high end brand-name clothing and accessories, new and pre-owned. We have been at our current location in East York for about 14 years but the original Extoggery consignment store dates back to 1939.
Our selection consists of only the highest quality, hand-picked items. You can find anything in our store from clothes, shoes, purses, belts or jewellery. We know and love fashion. Each time you come into our store, you will always discover something new or something unique. We have a lineup of the finest collections of various brands from Rebecca Taylor to Armani, all carefully selected and presented.
We believe in the power of “green” consumers who are ready to help their local economy and community,all while enjoying the most fashionable, upscale clothing lines from their go-to consignment store in Toronto: Extoggery.


It’s very easy to find fantastic deals in our store. We would like to invite you to discover your favourite pieces from the finest brands for any occasion! We carry women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and jewellery. Our staff is always friendly, welcoming and ready to help you if you are looking for something specific.

We carry the following brands (and more!) on an ongoing basis:

  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Pink Tartan
  • Canali
  • Theory
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Missoni
  • LidaBaday
  • LuLulemon
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Chanel
  • Hugo Boss
  • Armani


We are currently accepting Summer items: short sleeve and sleeveless tops, shorts, summer dresses and sandals.  Please call the store if you have any questions.

If you don’t NEED it, WANT it or USE it – consign it! That’s our motto at Extoggery. We can help you free up some space in your closet and you will even get paid for it! Let’s see how it works:

Please refer to our FAQ for detailed requirements and labels we do not currently accept.

Step 1: Go on a treasure hunt in your wardrobe

Find clothes to consign.

Step 2: Consign at Extoggery

Present your clothing for inspection. If your items can be accepted, we open a free account for you. Our consignor prices your items. Generally items are priced anywhere from 25%-50% of current retail prices.

Step 3: Let Extoggery market your goods

Your clothes are put up for sale for 60 days. Once they sell, 45% of the retail selling price will be instantly credited to your account.

Step 4: Get paid

Pick up your payment in store,which can be either cash (under $100) or cheque (over $100).

You may also request a cheque to be mailed, a $5 fee is required for this service.


If you would like to take your items back, you must do so before the expiry date of your consignment. Otherwise, if your items do not sell within 60 days, they will be automatically donated to charity. We donate unclaimed goods to a variety of charity organizations. 

We are constantly looking for more local charities that can use our unclaimed goods. If you are a charity and in need of specific items (ie warm winter coats etc.) please email us at extoggery@gmail.com.



What is a consignment store?

Consignment clothing stores specialize in selling clothes given to them by people like you, who may have a few (dozens) of clothes just sitting in their wardrobe. Maybe they were too small, too big, mistakenly bought or never even worn. Whichever is the case, we will be more than happy to help you monetize your unwanted clothes.

Do you buy clothes?

No. We take over your unwanted clothing and then sell them on consignment.

What type of clothes do you carry?

All clothing must be good quality pre-owned or new designer labels. We carry:

Ladies wear


Accessories: purses, shoes, jewellery

We do not carry children’s clothing.

What is your return policy for items purchased at Extoggery?

We have an ALL SALES FINAL policy on items purchased at Extoggery. We do not accept returns or exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the requirements when submitting clothes?

  • ALL items must be in excellent condition and no more than 3 years old, pre-owned or new. Exceptions may apply to classic pieces (e.g.: Chanel jackets)
  • We only accept selected brands (please see below)
  • Clothes must be brought in clean, laundered or dry cleaned (if pre-owned) and on hangers (which we return to you if requested) or folded if hanging is difficult
  • Don’t cut the tags off your designer items. Keeping labels will help you sell your items faster and for more money


We do NOT accept clothes with the following conditions:

  • Damaged
  • Wrinkled
  • Stained
  • Has a broken zipper
  • Has a company logo on it
  • Smells of tobacco, mothballs or mildew

We also do NOT accept wedding dresses, undergarments or bathing suits.

What brands do you currently accept?

Tahari, Gucci, Pink Tartan, LidaBaday, Rebecca Taylor, Coach,  MiuMiu,  Eton,  LuLulemon, Theory,  Marc Jacobs,  Moschino,  Holt Renfrew, Olsen,  Hugo Boss,  Chanel, Cambio, Canali, Paul Smith, Etro, Hermes, Michael Kors, Versace,  Louis Vuitton,  Diane Von Furstenbergto name only a few.

What brands do you currently NOT accept?

Due to market demands being lower for non-brand name products, we are currently not accepting the following names:

Jessica,  Fairweather,  Dynamite,  Cotton Ginny,  Alia,  Tan Jay,  Joe Fresh,  George,  725,  Old Navy,  Stitches,  Le Chateau,  Togo,  Sirens,  Tradition,  Nevada,  Vanity Fair,  Mosimmo,  Smart Set, Costa Banca,  Dex,  Point Zero,  Boca,  Mantles,  Reitmans, Gap,  Alison Delaney, Karen Scott, Jones New York, Peter Nygard, Bianca Nygard  etc.The labels we do not accept are not limited to this list, please call the store to inquire about specific labels.

On which days can I submit clothes?

We accept clothes from 10 am to 5:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ONLY. No consigning is done during evening hours.

How do I set the price?

A good guideline is 25%-50%of the current retailselling price.If you are not surewhat your items will be priced at, our highly trained consignors cangive you an approximate idea. Please note that due to how busy our consignment department is, we cannot give you a list of prices at the time of consignment. Once your order is processed you can visit the store and we can provide you with an itemized list.

How does the consignment process work?

Step 1: A free account is opened for you in our system when you present the clothes for the first time. We require a photo ID and a phone number.

Step 2: We keep and merchandise your items for 60 days.

Step 3: If your clothes sell, you receive 45% of the selling price. If it does not sell, we donate your items to charity.

Step 4: You have an additional 30 days to pick up your money in cash (if under $100) or as a cheque (if more than $100). Please note that cheques cannot be issued ahead of time for pickup. Your cheque may be mailed for an administration fee of $ 5.

What if I change my mind in the meantime?

Please be aware that we have a very quick turn over of merchandise at Extoggery, please be sure you are willing to part with your items when you bring them in. Once the item has sold, it cannot be returned to you. For any unsold items, you may pick them up at any time within the 60 day consignment. Please note that unclaimed items are automatically donated to charity after the 60 day consignment period. Once they are sent they cannot be returned to you

Can I check my account to see if anything has sold?

Of course! Call or visit the store any time within 60 days of your consignment for an update on your account.

How do I know if the 60 (or 90 days) is over?

The 60 day period starts on the day we process your items. We also provide you with a receipt at the time of consignment outlining your expiry dates. If you are still not sure, you may call our store at any time during store hours to check the status of your account. Please note that Extoggery does NOT call you in regards to your expiry date or amounts owing. All your information and credits are removed from our system after 90 days.

What if I cannot pick up my payment?

If you are busy most of the time, we recommend you to add a family member’s name to your account so that they can pick up a payment or reclaimed item on your behalf.This can be done in person or by email (extoggery@gmail.com). Please confirm your account number, name and mailing address in the email. A confirmation email will be sent once your account has been updated. For security reasons, Extoggery is NOT able to give payouts to anyone who is not added to your account.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes! We take Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards (Bank Cards).

What if I have concerns about my account?

All concerns about your account will be handled at the store. The store manager will be happy to correct any errors or explain policies. You may also give address changes, name changes etc. to the consignor or manager. For your convenience, you may also contact us by e-mail at extoggery@gmail.com.

Is Extoggery a charity?

No. However, after 60 days we donate unsold items to charities in need.




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Store Locations

10 Brentcliffe Rd
M4G 3Y2
1 block West of Leslie off Eglinton
Phone: (416) 696-6700
Email : extoggery@gmail.com

Store Hours

Mon. Tues. and Sat. l0-6
Wed. Thurs. and Fri.10-9
Sunday 12-6

Consignment Hours

Items accepted daily between 10 and 5:15 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS
No consignments accepted on Wednesday or Sunday or during evening hours.